Security alarm


The security alarm with the security alarm sensor and security alarm siren has been adopted.

  • The alarm for door/hood tampering and the alarm for vehicle invasion, jack-up, or power line cutoff to the ETACS-ECU/security alarm siren are established.
  • The security alarm sensor is connected to the ETACS-ECU via the LIN* bus line.
  • The security alarm siren is connected to the ETACS-ECU by the LIN* bus line via the LIN cutoff control unit. (With the "Exterior protection" status, the horn does not sound.)

note *: Local Interconnect Network

Security alarm sensor.

  • The ultrasonic wave sensor is incorporated to judge whether it is invasion or not from the change of reflected ultrasonic wave.
  • The inclination sensor is incorporated to determine that it is an irregular action if the vehicle is raised for 3-degree angle or more at the rate of 1-degree angle or more per minute.

note The sensor sensitivity can be adjusted by the M.U.T.-III.

LIN cutoff control unit.

  • With the "Ready to be triggered" status, the LIN communication between the security alarm siren and ETACS-ECU is cut off to suppress the occurrence of the dark current.
  • With the "Ready to be triggered" status, if the ETACS-ECU detects invasion or irregular action by the security alarm sensor or tampering by the door switch or hood switch, the LIN communication is reactivated.

Security alarm siren.

  • If the ETACS-ECU detects irregular action, it sends a sounding request signal to the security alarm siren by the LIN communication.
  • When the security alarm is in the "Ready to be triggered" status, if the signal transmission to the security alarm siren is cut off due to an abnormality in the power supply to the ETACS-ECU, the occurrence of irregular action is detected and the alarm sounds automatically* without the sounding request signal from the ETACS-ECU.

note *: The security alarm siren incorporates a rechargeable battery.





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